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V60 Pour over brew guide

V60 Pour over Brew guide


What you will need:


Coffee (Roasterlabs preferably)

V60-1 or 2



Filtered Water (Third Wave packets are recommended)

Scale (grams) remember 1gram =1ml of water

A good spoon/ All available in the V60 pour over kit available at

Coffee water ratio/ just a starting point where we like it… feel free to move around from here

V60 -1 15 Grams of coffee to 225ML of water

V60-02 20 Grams of coffee to 300 ML of water

Grind your coffee to a Medium grind think kosher salt or just to the left of it, a solid 20 on my Encore grinder.

Total brew time should be around three minutes plus or minus a few seconds…

Bring the water to a boil, then let sit for 30-40 seconds

Rinse the filter with the water, toss that water

Add the ground coffee and making a small bird’s nest with your finger

Pour over around 60 grams of water (on the scale and timing) covering the grounds completely

Let sit for 45 seconds then pour the rest of the water in slowly moving around the edge in a circle.

Using a spoon scrape along the edge at the top of the brew in one full circle

Make sure to stir your final brew in the pot and enjoy.






April 20, 2019 — Phil Gordon