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At Roasterlabs, we are dedicating 20% of our profits to support organizations that help local coffee farmers. It's not much, but it's all we have. We can't let the sun set on coffee. As an industry, it is our responsibility to understand the economics of the trade we are involved in and that we are driving. Looking at the C price of coffee crashing as an advantage is fundamentally flawed, and runs against the grain of who we are at Roasterlabs. This global economic powerhouse is much more complicated than we ever imagined and even more so to the farmer, who has enough to worry about without having to think of someone in NYC hedging his futures.

We need to strive for stability and fairness for all parties involved, especially small farmers. We buy only from direct sources to ensure that what we pay is what the farmer is willing to sell for based on those farms needs, Ignoring the C price, but it is not enough. We are specialty coffees on a micro scale; we cannot alone fuel a revolution. We need all the help we can get, from corporate matching to donations to, well everything if you have questions, contact us here.

We have decided this will be a fund in perpetuity. Our wish is that it will grow in time to be much more significant than us. We will be partnering with companies like Kiva to manage the funds and supply no interest loans and grants to coffee farmers. These funding packages will be focused on three main criteria, equipment upgrades, hybrid planting to try and help ease the coffee rust epidemic, and the export of direct tradable goods.

We can give what we don't have, so get to working drinking our coffee's and enjoy what the global specialty coffee farms have to offer. From the high valleys of Peru to the volcanic soils of Indonesia, farmers work hard every day to provide you the coffee you have in your cup.



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